The Education Equity Delaware coalition came together in 2016 when many of its organizations were represented on the state Education Funding Improvement Commission (EFIC), which was created through legislation and was intended to make recommendations for transitioning to a student-centered funding system. During that time, we agreed collaboratively on a statement of principles for a student-centered funding system.


Since then, we’ve continued individual and collaborative advocacy efforts to increase public awareness of education funding equity issues and solutions, and to focus on long-term systemic change on behalf of Delaware’s students, particularly those with the greatest needs. We are dedicated to updating Delaware’s education funding system to be more fair, flexible, transparent, and responsive to student needs, so that schools have the conditions necessary for increased student learning. 


In 2018, the Education Equity Delaware coalition grew from 22 to 30 organizations, held the first Delaware Education Funding Summit for 150 attendees, and successfully advocated for the passage of Senate Bill 172 to increase transparency of school funding information.


Dr. Christine Cannon

Executive Director,

Arsht-Cannon Fund of the Delaware Community Foundation

Kendall Massett

Executive Director,

Delaware Charter School Network

Wanda Burgos-Rincon

Director of Youth Development,

Latin American Community Center

Maria Matos

President and CEO,

Latin American Community Center

Madeleine Bayard

Senior Vice President


Neil Kirschling

Director of Policy & Advocacy,


Laurisa Schutt

Excutive Director,

First State Educate

Cimone Philpotts

Ph.D. Student, University of Delaware