Call to Action

Join the coalition and tell us how you want to be engaged in the effort! If you didn't submit a Membership and Interest Form in person, please fill out an electronic version here.  

Contact your legislator and ask them to increase school-level education funding transparency! Text "EdEquityDE" to the number 52886 to personalize a message in support of Senate Bill 172, which The News Journal Editorial Board recently endorsed. 

Share the Education Equity Delaware coalition materials with others! Scroll down to view the Education Equity Coalition resources and Summit summary.

Event Overview

For news coverage of the event, please visit WHYY. To view a recording of John B. King's plenary and community plan, please click here

Agenda & Speaker Bios

Summit PowerPoint Presentation

Education Equity Delaware Coalition Materials

Membership & Interest Form

What does it mean to be a Coalition member? Read here and tell us how you want to be involved by completing the second page and emailing us at

Education Funding Backgrounder: Increasing Equity and Tranparency

Please share this resource with a friend to let them know the state of the education funding system, our goals and next steps. 

Workshop Materials

Brief: ESSA's New Fiscal Reporting Requirements

Presentation: Hidden Funding Equities

Workshop Notes

Presentation: Delaware School Funding

Brief: Adopting a New School Funding Formula in Delaware

Workshop Notes

Brief: Serving High-Needs Students- Key Questions for Advocates

Resource: Impact

Workshop Notes

Event Summary

Mentimeter Results

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